Our History



On the 9th of May in the year 1998, we made a humble beginning by launching 5 products: Jawaron Tonic, Jawasil, Jawaclox, Jawamox and Jawacillin. Today, we have extended our therapy range to over 50 products. In various potential segments mainly multivitamins, antibiotics, anti-ulcerants and GI disorders, anti-malaria, anti-histamines, antiseptics and pain management, oncology and intra-uterine contraceptive device and antihelminthics.


We are now forging-ahead aggressively to achieve exponential growth, not only through our current product portfolio, but by introducing more than 30 new brands in JAWA especially focusing on Gynaec, Antiseptic, Gastro, Respiratory, Antibiotics and Antimalarials, oncology and intra-uterine contraceptive device

We have expanded into the critical care and ethical products market with launch of new division as ANNIE PHARMA which is specialized into different therapeutic segments like Anaesthetics, Antibiotics, Total Parenteral nutrition, and Antimalarials. We have expanded our horizons into newer therapeutic segments and newer molecules like superior antibiotics, anti-malarials, anti-cancer, gastrointestinal anti-diabetic and cardio-vascular drugs, anti-depressant, anti-inflamatives and sutures.

Annie pharma, a division of Jawa Group of Companies, started in 2006. Annie Pharma has made her strong presence felt in Ethical Products market. Today this name is marching ahead to achieve unparalleled growth and absolute reliability, with a strong domain under JAWA GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Being in the ETHICAL PHARMA MARKET, AnniePharma assumes great sense of responsibility and wholeheartedly concentrates on better value delivery with uncompromising quality, guaranteed efficiency, and continuous innovation.

We have strategically ventured into newer market as per market demands and expanded our products portfolio thereby enhancing our competitive advantage by entering into marketing arrangement with Nirlife Ltd, Albert & David Limited and Swiss ParenteralsPvt. Limited, Swiss Pharma Limited and Gujarat Liqui Pharmacaps Ltd (GLPL), Yelury Formulations Pvt. Ltd., TherdosePharmaPvt. Ltd., and Midas Care Pharma. Pvt Ltd. (all based in India) with the goal of delivering quality products and catering for most of the therapeutic segments.

In 2011, Jawa International Limited expanded it wings into the Animal Health Care Business under the name of Kattle Care Limited with the aim of bringing more farm wealth through better animal health. In over 2 years, Kattle care Limited has launched trusted formulations and brands in the Poultry, Livestock and Companion Animals business. Jawa International Limited has recently joined with Hindustan Pvt Limited (HLL) for promotion of Oral Contraceptive and family planning devices.

The company has a strong marketing team with professionally trained and competent sales force. It has a distribution network spanning across the country, consisting of nine branches/sales depots. Each of the Depots as underlisted below is manned by two Managers (Marketing and Promotion) and assisted by six to ten Medical Representatives.