Production Facilities


JAWA HOUSE Compound extends over an area of 4 acres of land and the factory has a built-in area of 61,750 square feet, apportioned for different departments like

Raw Material and Packaging Materials Store - 16,500 square feet
Production Area - 14,750 square feet
Laboratory Area - 5,000 square feet
Finished Goods Store - 12,000 square feet
Office Space - 15,000 square feet

The above facilities, combined with the standard operating procedures and high quality control and assurance system are completely in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Quality Assurance Department is fully equipped to carry out all the necessary tests required for both the raw materials, during processing and to the final stage of the finished goods. This nucleus department has various latest types of equipments like HPLC, Spectro-photometer, etc. Our factory is almost fully automated. This is made possible with the presence of modern, state-of-the-art electronic and computerized equipment that runs the manufacturing process. This ensures great speed and accuracy, as well as reduces manual labour and errors.

Special features of our production facilities

Our capacity to manufacture liquid and ointments is one of the largest in the Country.
The special type of flooring and ceiling we have in the Manufacturing area adds value to our manufacturing process.
Fully geared and equipped with steady and purified source of water supply with latest DMRO Water Treatment Plant which is able to produce 2500 litres/hr for manufacture of liquid orals

Type of formulations manufactured

Jawa International Limited is a professionally-managed and technically well-equipped Company backed by effective research. Our core competence lies in the manufacture of the following pharmaceutical finished formulations:

Liquid Orals and Externals
Antibiotics Dry Syrup
Ointments and Creams